Our online classes are not only designed to increase strength, endurance and weight loss, they also include proper mobility and warm up, which is required to enhance the efficiency and efficacy of the exercises to follow. 

During our group fitness classes, we provide detailed feedback that is specific to your needs. If for example a class member lacks shoulder mobility to be able to hold the weight overhead, we will communicate specific cues to that member to modify the exercise to his/her proper ability, thereby also helping to increase his/her range of motion.   


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„I’ve become stronger” 


„I am so grateful for Jeff and YM Fitness creating the online zoom platform so quickly after the closure of gyms last March. I was skeptical at first because I really relied on all of the equipment, space and community at the gym. Through his focused and detailed body weight training, I’ve become stronger than ever and have learned a lot about stability and core strength to avoid and restore from previous injuries. I enjoy how specific Jeff gets with each movement and how he focuses on each person in the Zoom class.” -Erica


Participants in group classes who suffer from mild to intermittent pain but not acute injury, may take class in most cases. Depending on the severity, the class participant may be required to be evaluated by a trainer before starting class. Persistent impairment during class requires working with a trainer or seeking assessment from a medical professional before returning to class.

Once someone is taking class comfortably, we will be mindful to make appropriate modifications for them. This will be based on movement and postural assessments. In all cases, our group fitness participants have been able to improve stability in their dysfunction, in most cases they were able to complete classes with no issues.