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- individual tailoring that encompasses not just personal goals,      but elimination of weaknesses and imbalances, as well as         

  other limitations and obstacles for a rapid improvement of the   

  body on all levels of fitness
- precise and highly effective exercises
- faster results
- safe movement
- a learning opportunity that goes beyond correct execution of

- development of skills that go beyond that of average fitness

  programs (ex. neuromuscular control)
- improved wellbeing and quality of life


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ACE Personal Trainer
NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist
Animal Flow, Level 2
Kettlebell Concepts, Level 1
UCanRow2 Indoor Rowing
Neuromuscular Facilitated Stretching Specialty
CrossFit Kids, CrossFit Endurance, CrossFit Rowing

Current Studies
Masters in Applied Exercise Science by 2023
Human Movement Specialist by 2023
NSCA Strength and Conditioning Coach by 2023


At the time when I began my career in fitness, it was mostly marketed as body building and general wellbeing. However, most of my clients had orthopedic conditions and we recognized the need to include less physically prepared clients, who were possibly dealing with chronic pain or other medical conditions.

The fitness industry started to catch up on the need for post rehab and injury prevention education for trainers. Since this culture was new, it was difficult to stay informed on proper exercise programming for the affected population, but I was eager to learn and apply the gained knowledge to my work. I found out quickly that my clients valued my efforts and the achievements that we accomplished together.

When I was a teenager my grandfather got diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. He was a physically very active man, always busy in his yard. After he was diagnosed he explained in his usual joking manner how he is telling his body to move in a certain way, but it won't listen to his commands. I realized then how important our physical abilities are for our overall wellbeing and quality of life. My grandfather’s struggle influenced me to stay fit by eating healthy, using the high school gym, participate in organized sports throughout college and participating in recreational sports until this day.

I believe that my work brings a lot of value into my client’s lives; by following my programs they are transforming to a more active life, gaining vitality and longevity. I witness how certain physical daily life activities and sports are becoming possible for my clients, where before they would have not been able to perform them or doubted they could even attempt them.

To achieve best results, I set people up for stability, optimizing effective movements to efficiently develop strength and mobility. With my understanding of kinesiology I identify compensations in movement and daily activity. I am passionate about training my clients to move better, quicker and stronger than they ever have. In order to provide this fitness level to my clients it has to be done effectively and precise. Making these meaningful and significant changes in my client’s lives is my fuel and happiness.  

Bringing about your best movements for life. This is my medicine.

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