We provide in-person and online personal training, and online group fitness classes. We are experts at improving human performance by addressing compensations in flexibility and muscle activity. But first let us explain why This Is Our Medicine.

You might have noticed that a big portion of the commercials are advertising pharmaceuticals. The commercials portray how people of different ages are suffering from pain and discomfort. The advertised medication is introduced, and you see these people transform into pain-free, happy individuals, able to move freely and enjoy life again. You have probably experienced some of this discomfort yourself, maybe even tried medications similar to the commercials. But let’s be honest, the pill might treat the symptoms, but will it cure the underlying issues?

At Your Medicine Fitness, if you didn’t guess yet, we believe that we have the medicine to stay fit and healthy at any age. Fitness in combination with a healthy lifestyle can prevent the occurrence of disease. We believe rather than seek a cure for the symptoms, try addressing the foundational musculoskeletal dysfunctions of your body and maintain a consistent fitness and healthy lifestyle.  Science has proven over and over again the negative effects of sitting and other stresses on the body as well as the positive effects of regular exercise on improving overall health. We deliver the medicine of fitness transforming clients into pain-free, happy individuals able to move freely and enjoy life without physical limitations. Even healthy athletes trying to optimize performance experience setbacks due to injuries associated with the demands of their sport or training regimens. Again we have the medicine to train harder minimizing risk and increasing strength and mobility quickly. 


YM Fitness. This Is Your Medicine.

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The first step we take in personal training, is an evaluation of the body, it’s unique anatomy and functions. Our profound knowledge of kinesiology allow us to quickly find the limitations in your body to create effective strategies and exercises to progress you fitness with minimal risks. Muscle strength is dependent on stable movement and movement is only as good as the integrity of the muscles associated with your joints. This means our medicine is addressing almost every muscle in your body targeting flexibility and muscle activity where you need it the most.   


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The success we achieve with our clients comes from a clear comprehension of human movement, kinesiology and anatomy. Our trainers can assess for deviation of movements in our clients and change these imbalances so they move optimally. It is rare that people have all the flexibility, strength and neuromuscular control to perform all exercises perfectly or as intended. Our client’s programs are designed to correct all deviations, improving mobility and increasing strength. Our trainers have years of studies and mentorship to allow our clients to perform better, pain free while improving their health making their bodies better than before. 


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„I am addicted” 


I am addicted to Jeff and the morning classes. I love how the classes are both structured and well rounded. All areas of the body are targeted. I began working out virtually so that I would stay fit during the pandemic. I personally didn’t think the virtual working out at home thing would work for me, but surprise, surprise, I don’t see myself going back to the gym again. I am getting everything I need right in the comfort of my home with YM Fitness and a computer screen. -Lori

„The best there is” 


Jeff’s zoom classes are personally the best there is. The classes are structured perfectly. Jeff’s main focus is to stabilize the body so I can use the muscles that need to be strengthened. He will progress your workouts and each class is detailed to a tee. I am in better condition now  than before Covid thanks to Jeff and his classes. -Colleen

„I feel a balance of strength” 


Jeff provides easily adapted guidance for each movement, how each movement should be done, what you should or should not be feeling, and why the movement was necessary. I began to realize how much more the workouts benefited my every day. I was not exhausted by 3pm or starving from a rigorous work out. My body is now more naturally flexible, and I feel a balance of strength throughout my entire body, instead of just one or two areas of my body. -Steph


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