What works for one body might not work for another. As we all know, everybody is different, varying in abilities, strength, flexibility, neuromuscular control, and dysfunctions. Those dysfunctions prevent us from optimal movement or performing exercises as intended, rendering our hard work ineffective and, therefore, preventing us from achieving our goals.

The first step we take in personal training is a postural and movement assessment. Our profound knowledge and extensive experience allow us to quickly find the strength and flexibility limitations. With those discoveries in mind, we create a custom program designed to correct all deviations and properly improve mobility, strength, and flexibility.

Stability and flexibility of muscles and joints are important to improving strength. If someone cannot support the full range of motion of a joint, they are potentially unable to achieve optimum strength. A unique aspect of flexibility in the programs we create for our clients is achieving an improved range of motion of joints through neuromuscular facilitated stretching. Those exercises are precisely tailored to the needs of the client’s body and, therefore, are highly effective, improving stability, flexibility, and strength simultaneously.
Our philosophy is to prepare our clients for every movement, anytime, anywhere, and to not consider any sport or activity unachievable, at least within reason and after some guidance.

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„Highly recommended”
I began working with Jeff to develop strength-training skills to balance and enhance my daily cycle workouts. Not only have I strengthened my whole body, but I have retrained my mind and have a much greater understanding of, and facility with, proper technique. My stability is much improved, as is my flexibility. Jeff is extremely knowledgeable and precise, and he created a bespoke program for me, considering my particular strengths and weaknesses. Highly recommended! ~Peter
„The best there is”
Jeff’s zoom sessions are personally the best there are. The sessions are structured perfectly. Jeff’s main focus is to stabilize the body so I can use the muscles that need to be strengthened. He will progress your workouts, and each class is detailed to a tee. I am in better condition now than before Covid, thanks to Jeff and his classes. ~Colleen
„My posture has dramatically improved”
Jeff set up the foundation to do exercises better by targeting specific areas like ankle and hamstring stability and flexibility. This especially helped with squats and lunges. My posture has dramatically improved since working with Jeff and I couldn't be happier. ~Nora

The first step we take in personal training is an evaluation of the body, its unique anatomy, and functions. Our profound knowledge of kinesiology allows us to quickly find the limitations in your body to create effective strategies and exercises to progress your fitness with minimal risks. Muscle strength is dependent on stable movement, and movement is only as good as the integrity of the muscles associated with your joints. This means our medicine addresses almost every muscle in your body, targeting flexibility and muscle activity where you need it the most.

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Our success with our clients comes from a clear comprehension of human movement, kinesiology, and anatomy. Our trainers can assess for deviation of movements in our clients and change these imbalances so they move optimally. People rarely have all the flexibility, strength, and neuromuscular control to perform all exercises perfectly or as intended. Our client’s programs are designed to correct all deviations, improving mobility and increasing strength. Our trainers have years of studies and mentorship to allow our clients to perform better and pain-free while enhancing their health and making their bodies better than before.

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I lead my clients, exemplifying professionalism and dedication to evidence-based research while maintaining a continued pursuit of knowledge to strengthen the efficacy of fitness training for athletes and clients. My client's success will depend on my knowledge and willingness to learn continually.

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