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Personal training is one of the best services to help people achieve their fitness goals. Even someone highly motivated to work out would improve their fitness efficacy under the guidance of a fitness professional.

The success we achieve with our clients comes from understanding the deviation of their movements from the optimal way to move, as well as having a clear comprehension of human movement, kinesiology, and anatomy. People rarely have all the flexibility, strength, and neuromuscular control to perform all exercises perfectly or as intended. Our client’s programs are designed to correct all deviations and improve mobility and strength.

Strength is typically regarded as having the biggest muscles, which is valid for the most part; however, the difference in our programs is that strength and power will be achieved from neuromuscular control first. The exercises we prepare individually for each client will increase muscle fiber recruitment where needed most. Through assessing deviations, the prescribed exercises will address weaker muscles and correct mobility limitations while improving the performance of stronger muscles and joints.


Flexibility of muscles and joints is a big part of improving strength. If someone is not able to support the full range of motion of a joint, then they are potentially unable to achieve optimum strength. A unique aspect of flexibility in our fitness programming is we improve the range of motion of joints through strength exercises. Understanding muscles' origin and insertion attachments guides us in preparing clients for progressive movements without injuries.


Often, treatments for aches and pains use techniques, medicine, and tools to release muscle and structural tension and inhibit muscle and nerve overactivity. I have found that by disassociating the muscles that innervate a joint and along the kinetic change, I can stabilize the joints related to the painful condition. Then, timing the proper progression of isolated or compound strengthening of the muscles will mitigate the compensatory dysfunctions. The end result is no more pain. This has been 100% effective for any and all chronic lower back pain.

If you have injuries or acute pain and you are looking for pain relief while being able to continue exercising, we can help. Often, chronic pain or inflammation comes as a result of an injury.

Injury or chronic pain can be attributed to a postural condition that is stressing the area and is causing the muscles, nerves, and bones to be ill-equipped for daily activity or sports. Through a comprehensive approach, we establish integrity with a stable posture, then progress strength and flexibility for proper alignment and positioning. We prepare you to participate in any daily activity, sport, or exercise by giving you tools and proprioception for stability and postural integrity in your movement. This includes simple tasks like sitting at the computer, driving, swinging a racquet, or skiing.

Once the issues are identified, we work to fix the dysfunctions through strength exercises to improve:

· Mobility of the dysfunctional joints
· End-range stability of the joints involved
· The strength of target muscle groups in full range of motion
· Endurance, power, and pure strength

„I am so grateful for his expertise”
The nerve and muscle pain wold get crippling at times. After multiple fusions and years of stretching therapies, Jeff taught me how to simply engage and strengthen the entire back muscle system. I am so grateful for his expertise and knowledge. His approach has easily given me an 85% reduction in daily pain. ~George
„I'm virtually pain-free”
I came to Jeff in my late fifties after suffering five years of debilitating pain from osteoarthritis in my hip, bone spurs in my spine, and a discouraging prognosis from orthopedists and rheumatologists. Six months later, I'm virtually pain-free, with far greater flexibility, strength and an ease of movement I thought I'd never regain. I am so grateful and very pleased to highly recommend his services.
„I have increased muscle strength”
I started working with Jeff in January of 2022, nine months after major spinal fusion surgery. Since I began working with Jeff, I have increased my muscle strength, muscle mass, and bone density, and I can now back squat more than my own body weight, which is both physically and mentally empowering. With Jeff's guidance, I also returned to sprinting after 22 years away from the sport to compete in a track series in the spring of 2023, something I wasn't even looking to do, let alone would have thought possible following spinal fusion surgery. ~Allie

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